Tuesday, 1 January 2008

My New "New Year's Resolution Blog"

One year ago I lay in bed, less than a metre from this exact spot, trying to think up New Years Resolutions for my 2007. I racked my brains to think up a decent, original and life-improving resolution that was neither too difficult nor too ineffectual. I eventually decided to write a blog that would enable old friends and distant relatives to stay up-to-date with my life during 2007.

To be honest it started well. I am neither a natural wordsmith nor indeed the most practiced author with the most interesting daily activities, but I managed a few introductory entries that gave me the confidence to continue, as well as allowing others enough information to feel like they knew me a little bit more!

As time went by, however, my posts got less frequent, shorter and less relevant to my life. It wasn't as if nothing was happening, just that I didn't have all the time (or the patience) to sit with hovering fingers awaiting inspiration to spend at least an hour typing and then editing each post. My post a day soon became one every other day, then one a week, then fortnightly and by the time I was considering doing a monthly roundup, it was all but over for me; I had failed my resolution and it had taken only 15 weeks.

Since that was the only REAL resolution I'd ever attempted, I can conclude that I am not very good with such things. If I was a quitter, this would've been the end of my fondness for writing and I would've quit blogging as well as my aspirations in travel writing.

If you are a keen detective with 20/20 vision and a quick mind, you have probably already deduced that I have not entirely quit with blogging; your first clue being the page of text that lays before you!

If you hadn't reached that conclusion; don't worry, there are always other careers out there and it never hurts to try new things! Coincidentally, it is this belief that has driven me to do the things that will inspire this blog, so you are currently reading the proof of that statement!

Since you have read this far I am going to go ahead and assume that you aren't entirely bored with my post and so I am excited to inform you that there will be more!

Since I am going to be on another continent to most of my friends and family, the need for weekly updates increases dramatically! No longer will drunken nights out and university assignments be the topic; but my life as it unfolds 5000 miles from home! These next few weeks could well be the last time I see many of you for a few years...

Furthermore, I am no longer writing blogs JUST for other people. This one is for me too! After reading through my old one from last year I was reminded of many things that had slipped my wandering teenage mind and was glad to have recorded them in an Internet based time capsule.

Myspace and Blogger will forever hold a snapshot of my life during University and in 50 years I will be able to root out the information and read it all again. The words will not have aged on moulding paper, unlike conventional box-in-the-ground Time Capsules and the blog I will be reading will seem as though written by a completely different person; highlighting the differences in lifestyles over 5 decades, as well as reminding me of the things that I was doing in 2007.

This blog will tell of my epic journey to lands unknown to begin a new life in a beautifully located clean and exciting Canadian city built between the exhilarating Rocky Mountains and the vast Pacific Ocean; both offering a huge variety of adventurous activities for me to become involved with as I explore these awesome landmarks!

Not only do I hope that this blog (soon to be entitled something witty!) will be interesting to my friends because they know me, but I would like to think that other people who were thinking of moving abroad could also find some use from it. Therefore I am considering adding my blog to www.gapyear.co.uk once I get it up and running, since that is where I have been to read travel blogs before and found them to be useful and interesting.

I would now like to welcome you officially to my new “New Years” blog and congratulate you on reading the first entry. Chances are I will post a few more pre-flight blog posts in the next few days to keep this fresh. Until then, thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

Canada's flag since 1965. Each red bar is 1/4 of the flag's width.
The leaf is from a maple tree and represents the environment.


Joel Phillips said...

Alrite Reedy, hows things?
Just read through the first blog.
Good luck with ur adventures abroad.
Take it steady and live the dream, my friend.
All the best,

Emily Sampson said...

I read it!

Refuse to read any future ones tho coz they will make me jealous that I'm still stuck in "sunny" Huddersfield :(

Only kidding :P

Luke Lichtenstein said...

Now who said you're not a talented writer...You almost made me wanna start my own blog just from reading yours, but don't worry, I won't! I'd like to propose a challenge to see who is indeed the laziest and most procrastinatious (I just invented a word) person - me or you? Or is it you or I?

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