Wednesday, 20 February 2008

How To Make Pizza

One of my new tasks as trainee chef is to take the raw ingredients for each of the 6 flavours of pizza served by the Flying Beaver, and create them each day so that they are fresh and the restaurant doesn't run out.

I decided to take some more photos of my work environments over the last few days and will upload them soon but for now - since this blog was supposed to be educational as well as informative - I have a step-by-step guide to making pizza:

Step 1: Get dough and flour-ise the work surface

Step 2: Roll dough into a flat as-roughly-circular-as-you-can shape

Step 3: Spin the dough and throw it from hand to hand to shake off the flour

Step 4: Place dough on pizza pan and bring the overhanging dough onto the plate with quick finger motions that drag the dough bit by bit inwards until the whole dough is on the pan and the edges look smooth.

Step 5: Add ingredients to taste. Usually begin with Tomato Purée and end with grated cheese. A variety of meat and vegetables usually tastes good and pineapple makes a dry pizza a bit juicier!

I hope that this is useful and inspires you all to try yourselves. Dough (if not obtainable from the fridge on a tray in neat rows) can be made using simple ingredients and it's recipe should be available in most cookbooks and online!

In other, less lecture-styled news, I saw the lunar eclipse last night with my new Wednesday youth group of 12(ish) year olds, and passed the time by explaining what was happening to the children as well as showing them some constellations and telling them stories as we sat in a circle in the car park.

I also got to see my Canadian grandparents last weekend which was nice and I hung with them and was able to show them all of my Borneo photos, the Borneo DVD and my USA/Canada photos without them getting bored or falling asleep! It was also nice to see some of the things again after so long since I last got the chance to sit down and look through it all!

Virginia left us all for Austria and will be gone for 5 months for study abroad. She had to learn German but seemed pretty excited for the opportunity (and has already added some pretty cool photos to Facebook!) despite being sad to leave. (I know how she felt!)

I also received 2 pieces of mail on Monday; one an Easter package from my family which was really sweet and I enjoyed immensely (including the chocolates which I have nearly finished and the teddy-duck-pen-topper!), the other a letter from Eve, a friend met through Liam at University!


Becky Bushell said...

Sounds like you're getting on really well - I never knew you had so much talent!!!!

Rachel Kohar said...

Rating: 5/5
I like your "How To" theme!
You should write a "How To" on Italy (my favourite country so far!!!) :D

Chris Reed said...

One day I will, when I visit - and it will probably include more pizza!

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