Tuesday, 15 April 2008

How To Break Records

Four months ago I knew nothing about how this trip was going to turn out, beyond, at that point, choosing which airline to fly by. Although I knew that I'd be working as a landscaper, I had no idea what that entailed. I had only just begun talking to the Bowen family (via email) and really had only a month to prepare for the biggest change of my life.

By 2006, the longest I had been away from home was 2 weeks (with the Scouts) in Switzerland (although my two brothers had been there too). By 2007, this had increased to a month (Borneo) and with no family members. Early 2007 saw this increase to 7 weeks (at University, though still in the UK).

For each of the above, however, I'd had at least 18 months to plan the lifestyle change and I wasn't ever the only person I knew doing each thing! Summer Camp was another step up because I only decided upon it around 4 months before, was only told where I'd be all summer 2 months before and was the only person I knew who was going (also knowing no one who had been in the last 10 years!)

My record "time away from home" became 95 days as I toured North America post-camp; experiencing much personality change and growth! This was also great because I didn't know anyone for the majority of the trip and so was able to make many new friends from all over the world!

This trip recently broke the record set last summer and Monday was Day 96 on my trip! In terms of big milestones, I am set to hit three figures on Friday! This record looks only set to grow since I don't know when I'll be back in England, especially if I am travelling straight after leaving Vancouver! Maybe my record will hit quadruple figures before I am home again!

This week was not just about one milestone though, I also recently passed the "longest time in a job" record set by Summer Camp, School Cleaning and Restaurant Waiting of about 410 hours. This record also looks set to continue growing since I am doing well in the job and have plans to stick at it for at least another 6 months! Interestingly, my shortest ever job was less than 1% of this current record, at three hours! (I decided against three jobs at once and voted "Electronics Store Assistant" off of the schedule, after one day of training!)

Because things come in threes for me (good or bad), I also have news of a third milestone that I beat this week. The evidence for the acheivement is sat in front of you and I am proud to announce that the first half of my New Year's resolution has been reached. For those too lazy to read all my blog posts, my resolution was to blog my Canadian trip for at least as long as I managed last year when resolving to blog my University happenings.

My resolution now shows potential for me to continue this blog through December and on to a new year, which is excellent news for people that were hoping I'd stick at something for once (my relatively small "hours in a job" record being testament to my habit of wanting change and new experiences.)

I have managed to organise myself much better over these last few weeks and will enjoy the free time that leaving the Flying Beaver (this coming weekend) will afford me. My room is tidy and my thoughts uncluttered. I am even considering a notebook to keep my ideas in (both for blogging and my more ambitious dreams!)

Proof that milestones and records need not be huge to make an impact, I recently hit a golfball 150 yards in a straight line at the driving range (a personal best!) - though I was aiming for the area where the others had all been landing at the time (due to the tractor being in the vicinity); Murphy's law at its very best!

I also bowled a triple figured score at "Lois Lanes" cosmic bowling on Monday which I was proud of, though it was far from the winning 146 recorded by one of the children! The record low, recorded by another child, was 19 in an entire game!

If this was a fable with a moral, I'd wrap up by saying that records can be beaten every day so long as you are open to trying new things and sticking at them! I am definitely enjoying where this thought process is taking my life at the moment!


Stephanie Rodriguez said...

woah woah woah
I thought you moved here.. like.. to stay..
You're gunna leave?! ='(

Chris Reed said...

I'm here for a few more years...
But yeah, eventually I will have to head back to the UK.
Though I may come back here for University one day... :)

Becky Bushell said...

How come your leaving The Flying Beaver?
Did you say in another blog?

Chris Reed said...

I wanted my weekends free again.
7 work days a week is okay but when I have travelled 5000 miles, it feels like a wasted trip to be doing the same every day and not really exploring the area.

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