Sunday, 15 June 2008

How To Celebrate Turning 20

Just a quick blog post to let the world know that I have now survived for two decades. Initially this went live as a commentary on my first few and last few years as well as the actual date this year.

A day later, I decided that it really wasn't that interesting and to instead focus on some highlights of my 20 years - in a similar way to in early June where I made an autobiography on my friend's wall in an attempt to spam her profile in the three days that she was away.

I managed 112 posts, including my autobiography from #88 - one for each year - and taking it a few years into the future, with my current ambitions for the next few years. The first few were obviously also a lot shorter since I had very little recollection of the early years - being quite young!

I have decided to count down the top 5 moments in my life so far for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy these...

Coming in at number 5 is Christmas 1998 in Canada.
7 years after leaving Canada for the UK in 1991, my Dad decided to take his four kids and (now ex-)girlfriend across the pond to meet his side of the family. To head off in style, my Dad rented a limosine and we felt super cool as we travelled 300 miles to London for our flight. When we arrived we got to know our uncles and aunt and the three female cousins - Thea, Katie and Arah. I still have many fond memories of the time spent there and until another 6 months pass, it will be the only time I remember being in deep snow on Christmas Day!

My 4th favourite memory is my GCSE results.
Having always tried really hard in school - and after an intense revision schedule - I came out of my pre-college exams with 9 grades between A* and C just after turning 16. Knowing that I had tried so hard and that it had paid off was a moment to remember in itself but that I had finally done something to please my parents was amazing. When I finally get back to that frame of mind in my studies I will be ready for a second shot at University...

Another travelling anecdote at number 3...
Knowing that travel was always something that excited and interested me I signed up for a trip to Malaysia with my school, despite not even knowing where Borneo was. The following 18 months saw me raise £1500 ($3000) through fundraising, go from long-haired to bald, help to plan a trip of epic proportions and lead the group through the jungle! As a leader, a friend and a person I acheived many things and will always remember the whole experience!

Just off top spot is summer camp!
3 months in North America last summer did many things for me - initially introduced to me by one of the teachers on the Borneo trip as something that I'd enjoy - and I came out of it a better, more organised, happier and more outgoing person. The solo travel afterwards - coupled with the experiences like skydiving, paintball and climbing - gave me an experience to never forget.

...And the winner is my 18th birthday!
Having spent much of my free time during Sixth form chilling with friends or going to the pub, I decided that the best way to ring in my legality was to have a large party myself - only inviting the people that I liked! Not only did I get an awesome turnout for the party - in a hired hall with DJ, bar and buffet - but my parents sat in the same room all night without arguing for the only time in my memory! I had a great time and couldn't have wished for a better celebration!

Here's to the next decade being even better than the last one!


Becky Bushell said...

I remember your 18th and it was an awesome night! :)
I also remember Josh getting very drunk, haha!
Although you won't be at my 18th I hope it's as good as yours and I will make sure lots of photos are taken to show you! xxx

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