Sunday, 20 July 2008

How To Be In A Relationship

Since getting a girlfriend in June, I have been able to experience areas of Vancouver that I would otherwise have had no reason to see - as well as finding out what life is like with someone special in my life. Since we live about one hours bus ride from each other, we have tended to explore both Richmond and Vancouver, so that one person didn't always have to make the journey.

The nicest movie theatre (cinema) in Richmond is Silver City and was the location for our first date because we could both get there in about the same amount of time and it had nice screens and food. This was the second time I had been to see a movie there although it was more fun as a date than to see (lame sci-fi filled) Indiana Jones. Despite getting mammoth cokes and popcorn - we consumed very little, enthralled by the film.

Most of our time together has been at our house’s for walks and movies and we have yet to see a bad one so far! Despite being hesitant to suggest "Butterfly Effect" (from other girls’ testimonials), Jill ended up loving it – adding it to her favourite movies list, along with Fight Club, which we also saw together!

Our first weekend together was Father's Day and we went with my family for Malaysian food in Steveston, where we celebrated my birthday and Ron's Father's Day, ordering a selection of delicious food. We then went back to their house and played games of "Apples to Apples" which was fantastic - Jill getting along with everyone. The two of us then walked a few blocks from my family’s house to a park and hung out, talking about life.

A few days before Jill had exams in mid-June, I went with her to the library and helped her study Maths and Science since I was stronger at them than she was and she needed someone to help her through certain topics. We spent most of each day that weekend in Vancouver Public Library and I helped her through the textbook chapters before writing some practice papers for her to do. This was great for both of us; useful to me as teaching experience. She recently got her results and she passed both exams!

In the Japanese Gardens - a section of tranquility in the heart of Vancouver

After one of the day’s sessions, we walked around Downtown for a bit and came to the Japanese Gardens (where Jill and her brother, Jeremy, would go sometimes). We walked around and took some photos of the beautiful flowers and water features. We even got a picture of the two of us together which I love. Though the weather was sunny, it wasn’t too hot and made a perfect end to the day of studying inside.

Recently, we decided to go out again and Jill picked from my shortlist of semi-touristy places that I had wanted to see. We settled on “Gastown” and headed across town on the Sky train. Upon arriving, we viewed the steam-powered clock and walked to the statue of “Gassy Jack”; the area’s founder in 1867 – so called for his tall stories. Despite not knowing of too much more to see, we settled on Starbucks to hang out and discuss things to do – deciding to find somewhere nice to eat.

Jill remembered a cheesecake café that Jeremy had taken her a few times – which had live music on Friday’s – and we decided to search for it, as well as “blood alley” which she vaguely remembered as being nearby and interesting. Although we were unable to find the alleyway in the end, we were fortunate to stumble upon the rotating restaurant with viewing deck, just before sunset and decided to head up the 130m elevator to watch the city as the sun went down behind the mountains. The elevation took less than a minute and the glass elevator offered an interesting view of the nearby area as we rose rapidly towards the deck.

With clear weather, the views were spectacular and we spent a while looking in all directions and reading the information panels, as well as taking photos of the sunset as it cast it’s shadows across the city. We were amused to discover that nearby Burnaby had been confused for Calgary and Seattle by numerous tourists (unaware of Canada’s vastness!) also deciding to see some of the sights, that we could now see from above, before the end of the summer.

After the spectacular sunset, we headed to the café ("Trees") and had some cheesecake whilst listening to the live music. The experience was brilliant with the delicious cheesecake hitting the spot and the room-filling music giving the café a great atmosphere. The band’s frontwoman was witty; keeping the crowd entertained between sets - reminding me of how amusing Newton Faulkner had been between songs, when I had seen him a few days earlier with my cousin, Thea.


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