Friday, 25 April 2008

How To Explore Music

The delay on this blog entry can be attributed to me not wanting to come across as conceited with the title. This feeling emerged when I started on the blog entry a few days ago and was trying to choose the title. I felt that "How to enjoy music" gave off the impression that I was writing to change musical tastes and I am clearly not.

Firstly, I'd like to say that music is very personal and what one person may love, another may hate - sometimes citing the same reason! As people change their music will also change. For example, the first tape I ever owned (yes children, before CDs!) was "Spice" by the Spice Girls. Despite it being an international phenomenon and selling millions, I have now grown out of it completely!

When I first meet people and we begin to discuss music I always manage to blurt out a question that I always regret. The question is "what kind of music do you like?". The answer is often either "oh, you know, this and that" or "everything"; both infuriatingly vague answers that are often incorrect. This is second stupidest "introductory" question behind "are you on Facebook" since everyone seems to be!

One girl I met in England answered "everything" to the question and because the rest of the people I'd been speaking to were interested in mainstream pop, I pressed on with the conversation hoping to find some similar tastes. After a few questions I realised that she either was very sheltered and believed "R&B, Old Skool Hip Hop and some Indie" to be "everything" or she was just lazy and hadn't wanted to say "R&B, Old Skool & Indie".

Unfortunately, my answer to the question is often as vague. I'd like to be able to sit and reel off the types of music I like, the bands I listen to most and the songs that mean something to me but at this point there are so many that it would be like picking a favourite child.

The reason for doing this blog is that I have had a productive few months in Canada as far as my music collection is concerned. With downloading music being legal here and the music scene being very different to the UK, I have found a lot of cool music from around the world using torrents, Wikipedia, blogs, iLike, and friends! My iTunes library is currently speeding towards 30GB and I probably add/delete 20 albums a week!

I recently decided to see some live music this summer, having only seen Mark Ronson and small gigs before now and am in possession of Radiohead, Oasis and Jack Johnson tickets for August! Radiohead is set to be the first band I see that I knew of before buying the tickets. Jack Johnson will be two days later in the same venue and then Oasis less than a week later! This of course will be the second best musical week during the summer if I can get tickets to the Pemberton Festival, headlined by Coldplay, Tom Petty, Death Cab For Cutie, Nine Inch Nails and Jay-Z!

My concert tickets for August

I managed to find the tickets, that had sold out before I got to the Ticketmaster store, on Craigslist and have had much luck so far - a far cry from the offensive replies I got when I was searching for accommodation (for being English, for asking questions and for not being able to view the house before I arrived!). Naturally the pervy "Free accommodation for girls 18-25 with 'Friends with benefits' arrangement!" still exist but I have found out how to better filter the wierdos when I am searching for things!

Since I came to Canada to travel as well as work, I have been told that I can take as much of July/August off as I want so I have quite a few plans coming together! Since Danny also is thinking of taking the summer off to travel, we may end up heading somewhere together which would be sweet! Also I applied (and was recently interviewed) for a paid leader position the SummerFun program run by the youth groups I work at, which would be throughout July.


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