Saturday, 30 August 2008

How To Have A Fun Month Off

Since I had travel plans booked, and then was quite ill for most of the rest of my time off, I would have missed for most of the month whether or not I had booked it off in May. To say that August has been eventful would be quite understating it!

As well as the travelling around Western Canada and Oregon, I also spent time updating this blog (post by post) to a new site (which has better features, such as autosave and an index!) and writing the final few posts from the last month that hadn't been posted on time because I was still trying to catch up from when I slowed down in late-Spring.

With the promise of returning to work on Thursday looming - via bus now that Danny has moved on - I have a few days to try and get better before my 6:00am starts and cross-town bus ride. Having cleared out a lot of junk from my room, I have sorted my work gear into a neat area and will be ready to start earning again within the week.

Whilst going through hard times post-Jill, I used MSN and facebook a lot to speak to new and old friends, who were happy to help me through it. Although I could have seen us lasting until I moved to Whistler, knowing that it would have ended probably wouldn't have been the best thing to deal with for the next few months so I am coming to terms with it now and am less upset.

The last few weeks, I have started going to the movies more often and have seen three films since Calgary - only actually paying for one! Sage, from Summer Fun, suggested that we went out all day on the day after the Radiohead concert - so that I wasn't stuck at home all day being sad. We went to see the Dark Knight, ate dinner and then went bowling before bussing around town a bit and chatting. I was extremely grateful to have such friends and hope that one day I will be that helpful for one of my friends in need!

We have since (because her friend works at Silver City, so she gets discounts!) seen "Pineapple Express" (which I couldn't stop laughing at!) and "Step Brothers" (which I should have seen coming, knowing that I don't find Will Ferrell funny - not even laughing once!).

For my last weekend in August, I went with Taryn, Josh and Kevin to Playland at the PNE. Playland is a theme park open for most of the summer, with exciting rides and carnival attractions. Buying a ride pass each, Taryn and I set about trying to get our money's worth by going on as much as possible.

Starting with the most exciting looking one, we went (with Josh - who chose to go on a few rides) on the wooden coaster which literally launched you out of your seat on every (steep!) drop! Seated in pairs, I was paired with a small excitable child who cheered the entire way round before giving me a massive "high five" at the end!

The second ride of the day, if possible, was more sketchy than the 50-year old wooden rollercoaster! It was called the "Wild Mouse" and whizzed a small cart (with wheels near the back) around a teetering track with the front end seeming to go over the edge at every turn. At one point we tilted the cart slightly on one corner and I was quite worried - the ride not even boasting a perfect safety record!

After an expensive take-out lunch and a beer, we headed for some of the more spinny rides (for some reason!) and were hurled, spun, flipped and squished by G-forces galore! Although shaken up, we both continued on (albeit with a slight wobble to our walking) and managed in the end to go on just enough rides to make our day passes financially worthwhile.

In the evening (after crashing out from the excitement of the day), Danny called and we went with Jon Fenn for some beers and nachos at a local pub - discussing careers, girls and travel plans for the coming months (Danny planning to stay a while in Central America; Whistler money-saving being the only reason I am unable to join him!).

The first of September is a national holiday (Labor Day) and means time off for most people. Hopefully I will find some cool stuff to do with friends before everyone heads back to work, school and university until Christmas!


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