Friday, 5 September 2008

How To Go Back To Work

After an eventful summer, things have gone back to the way that they were in April! I recently returned to work as a landscaper (after two months out; having worked with kids before a month off), attended two youth club planning meetings (of the three that I hope to be involved with before and after Whistler), I am blogging things that happened within the last week and I am again single.

The main difference is that my bank balance has dropped after a lower income for 2 consecutive months (SummerFun, travel and sickness) and despite my rent being reduced whilst I was away, I have still paid out more than I have had in and so I am going to be working hard in these coming months to make sure I am comfortable in Whistler - with it's notoriously high prices!

In terms of getting ready for Whistler, I met a guy (who happened to be a friend of my Aunt and Uncle) whilst working in June and he told me to call him so he could put me in touch with some contacts that he has in Whistler. I have sent resum├ęs to the provided contacts and should be sorted in terms of getting a job. Unfortunately, as confirmed by Cory (who tried the same move last Autumn) the accommodation is much harder to come by and is the reason that a lot of people end up not going even with a job sorted out.

From what an international employee told me when I was in Whistler in the Spring (that I could sort work and accommodation through Whistler/Blackcomb resort), I have also been scouring the website for information on jobs and housing recently and although most of the jobs don't apply to me (not sure whether I am too early or too late!), I have discovered that they do student-type housing arrangements that sound good.

In order to book the accommodation, however, I need to provide credit card information and since many travel sites request this (and I like to travel), I have decided to get a secure credit card with a limit of $500 (£250). This is partially because I don't want to accidentally go over the limit and be in trouble, partially because I don't yet have a credit history and partially because they request the limit amount in cash before they give over the card and so I couldn't afford to get one with a four-digit figure anyway.

Whilst waiting to go back to work this week, I spent some time helping out the Bowen's with their house painting - putting the money towards my rent. The work has been hard but it was good to get some exercise and I worked hard. I had been planning to do it for three days this week but after the first two (and with mono-induced fatigue) I accidentally fell asleep during the day on Wednesday for 6 hours, despite having already had a 9 hour rest! I found ceiling painting to be hardest (requiring constant force upwards - whilst dodging splashes of paint!) and messiest and have a new respect for my cousins and their boyfriends (who have been painting houses for the last few summers)!

Aside from the occasional fatigue, the mono has pretty much cleared up and I should be better before October. I returned to work yesterday and did well with the new crew - Danny having moved on and some new foreigners having been brought in (from Nigeria and Brazil) without getting tired at all. In the evening I purchased a bus pass for the month (since Danny would no longer be driving) and now have freedom to get about without frantic loose-change hunting before every trip!

As well as the return to work, it has been all change for most of the people that I know - with the youth returning to school and most of my friends who are my age going to university or college! As much as I enjoy what I am doing, I know for sure that I want to return to university one day with my new sense of direction and improved focus.

Still definitely sure that I want to teach, I am again excited that three nights of my week will involve having fun with the youth and learning new things through working with them. After visiting Keats and Latona summer camps, I realised that SummerFun (though fun) was no substitute for a real summer camp and am now looking at preparing applications for around December in terms of applying for an American summer camp next year - hopefully on the west coast!

Between all of this I have also tried hard to remember what I knew about coding from a while ago and with the help of some websites, I have added a few new features to this page as I look to perfect it in the coming weeks. My favourite at this point is the "favicon" icon of a maple leaf shown in the address bar when you visit my page. Along with the content-rating system, new menu and soon-to-be-improved search bar I am beginning to enjoy seeing my page and hope that people who visit it like it too.

As ever, comments, questions and thoughts are appreciated and I look forward to responding. For the less vocal among you, a rating out of 5 will suffice.


Becky Bushell said...

It sounds like you're having an awesome time and heading in the right direction, even coming close to knowing what you want to do! I leave college in June and all I know is that I want to go on holiday with my mates lol. I want to be an accountant at the moment but that'll probably change within the year so really I'm still clueless. xxx

Chris Reed said...

Not knowing what you want to do is not a major problem - I have only just decided on teaching and travel writing after all, and I am 20!
Travel and try new things to learn and grow - it seems to be working for me! :D

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