Tuesday, 30 September 2008

How To Tell A Story

I decided to write a story today and practice my video blogging. Hopefully this entertains you. Please rate & post comments so that I can improve.

Hello and welcome to the second of my video blog posts, entitled "How To Tell A Story" from my "Canadian Adventure" blog.

He awoke in the night with a start; sweat dripping down his round face. For a second he forgot his peril and wondered what the weather would be like today but then he looked around and remembered everything. He breathed a heavy sigh and wiped the sweat from his brow.

He had been here before. The square room was dimly lit by flickering lights which reflected off the blue walls and gave everything an eerie glow. In the darkness he struggled to make out his surroundings. It had been a while.

The room had been designed with "prisoner storage" in mind and was flawless. Yellow food packages littered the floor in uniform rows - each cleverly designed to be tempting but unfulfilling. The entire set would afford him the energy to last him a day but he knew better than to waste them. He would save them for when he really needed them.

In this place, time had no meaning. Days were broken up between panic and sleep but weeks and years drifted by as if there was no reason to count them at all. He'd tried at first, but soon lost count whenever he was moved to a different location and so he soon lost heart and gave up. He wondered now if he could even count at all.

Like weathered ancient castles, his memories had been eroded and his mind had become emptied. He wondered if he had a past anymore, he wondered what his present was and he wondered if this was to become his future. He had long since given up any hope of rescue or escape - his screams had never been heard anyway. He'd decided instead to conserve his energy for running. Running was his purpose now.

He glanced back to where he had been sleeping and suddenly remembered his nightmare. The girl. The girl with the red bow. She'd been running. She knew his name. She'd told him it wasn't safe and that he should go with her. But he had so many questions. Who was she? Where was she running? Was she running from the same people he was running from? He hoped she was okay.

Suddenly the flickering lights went out and the room was plunged into darkness. A couple of seconds passed. From the high ceiling he heard a buzz, and then watched as the neon lights illuminated the warehouse-sized room. His heart skipped a beat. He could never get used to this feeling. They were coming!


Becky Bushell said...

I'm really enjoying these vlogs and I signed up to YouTube so I can comment and subscribe :)

Chris Reed said...

Thanks Becky
This post is the most popular since I started the rating system which is awesome. I am inspired to think up more ideas for my Canadian Adventure.

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