Thursday, 30 October 2008

How To Write A Novel

I have registered for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for November and am hoping to begin work on a novel shortly. The idea is to write 50,000 words in 30 days with the limited time forcing raw creativity out of my mind. No time to edit, no proof reading. If I complete the challenge, I will receive a printed manuscript free of charge and can apply to publishers if it is any good.

I'm not holding out too much hope there but it seems a nice incentive.

To put into perspective how much 50,000 words is, my entire year of blogging so far totals just 38,000 words! As a book, 50,000 is considered "short" but as a month-long challenge for a practically ADD writer (juggled alongside a full time job & volunteer youth work), it looks pretty hard.

My aim is to find 20 sessions for 2,500 words each during the course of the month. Until my first, I am mentally planning ideas, characters and twists to make sure it is at least worth the paper it is to be printed on!

Ideally, I'd also like to get back into regular blogging so will be "procrastinating" from time to time with a blog update (since I tend to do things only when a bigger challenge is set out before me). Maybe I'll upload a few vlogs as I go...

Who knows? Maybe I'll forget and it will be Christmas before anything gets done...

I hope not.


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